Updated version on the official site:

Bad Pad is a platformer game mixed with a little arcading, shooting and puzzle solving, that being said it is still a platformer, so expect a lot of jumping and fair amount of dying along the way.

Bad Pad is my first full scale project, my hello world game if you will, I am making this game based on the memories and experiences I had growing up playing video games and as a tribute to all those amazing games that were simply fun!, a little frustrating at times… but mostly fun!

Use gamepad Dpad/analog or keyboard's arrows to move
Press Shift to run
Press Space to jump
All keys are configurable in the menu.


The demo is the first floor of the game, 4 areas, with 30 scenes, 2 boss fights, one train level and one game in game arcade.


A few users found that playing the game on chrome has some webgl issues and firefox works better for them (if you can't see through the water on scene 1.1.5, try firefox).

Check out Bad Pad devBlog here headbanGames